About Clara

Clara Cantore is a young Argentinian composer that has been touring the world with a new approach to folk rooted music using the bass as a soloist instrument.

Although her music is part of a wide tradition of Argentinian and Latin American folk, it has a distinctive influence of jazz, tango and flamenco, due to her own explorations and wide training.

Besides having toured in Europe, Japan, USA, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia and Argentina, she has been part of international festivals such as Cosquín in Japón (Fukushima, Japón), Karneval der Kulturen (Berlín, Alemania) and Barnasants (Barcelona, España).

“Calma” (2016) fue producido junto a Raly Barrionuevo y con importantes invitados como Magdalena Matthey, Nano Stern y el mismo Raly. Se destaca por contar con composiciones propias y una impronta sonora, fresca y arriesgada, producto de su constante estudio y búsqueda.