CALMA / 2016

“Calma” (2016) was produced with Raly Barrionuevo who also contributed as a musician among special guests as Magdalena Matthey and Nano Stern. The album stands out with its original compositions and because of a particular fresh and risked sonority, product of a constant search and study.


“Ser Tiempo” (2013) brings together great classics, along original compositions as the chacarera “Crespina” or the zamba “Ramona” in honor to Ramona Bustamante, which is a duo with Raly Barrionuevo. “De mi Madre”, accompanied by the bandoneon player Pablo Jaurena. Juan Iñaki interprets the song “Carta a Perdiguero” in a luminous voice duo with Clara honoring the poetry of Albérico Masilla.


“Mentiras Criollas” (2011) together with Gonzalo Pereira, includes great instrumental covers in duo format, cello and guitar. The joining of these two experienced artists gives the album a color which surpasses a usual compilation of traditional songs.